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  • Aftermarket ECU tuning

    Gotboost can map vehicles on just about any aftermarket ECU, and combined with our in house 1000 horsepower capable dyno, we can get the best results for you and your performance vehicle.

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  • Is a battery charger sufficient for a remap?

    We've all seen mobile remapping pictures on social media, with a car being mapped whilst attached to a cheap battery charger. Here we will discuss the reasons why you need a battery conditioner for stable voltage, rather than a simple charger.

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  • No Codes Diagnostics

    At Gotboost we are often asked to ‘plug in our diagnostic machine’ to find a fault with a vehicle. We are always keen to remind people that true diagnostics do not consist simply of plugging in an OBD scanner, seeing what code is there and then changing the parts mentioned in the scan. This approach does not accurately diagnose issues, and in many instances does not fix the problem.

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  • We are now RacingLine dealers

    Exciting times, we have expanded our range of software and hardware products with RacingLine options for both on your fast VAG.

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  • Is DPF removal Illegal?

    The landscape for vehicle modifications in the UK faces a seismic shift following a groundbreaking court ruling that could render certain modifications illegal.

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  • VAG 1.5 TSI/TFSI Tuning

    Gotboost is excited to announce the release of Revo Stage 1 software for 1.5 TSI/TFSI pre-GPF DADA engines.

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  • Ford Fiesta ST MK8.5 Revo Stage 1 & 2 Tuning Options available now!

    Gotboost is excited to announce the release of Revo Stage 1 & 2 software for the Fiesta ST MK8.5.
    After an extensive calibration period focused on the MK8 Fiesta ST, making 262PS & 292LBFT (with the Revo Stage 2 Performance Pack), we knew we wanted to deliver the same Stage 1 & 2 solutions on the MK8.5 variant.

    This software is available now!

    As always, if you have any questions or want to book please contact us.

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  • UWSTD Careers and Volunteering Fair

    GotBoost Racing is attending the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD) careers and volunteering Fair.

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  • K Jet Specialists in South Wales

    We use modern equipment to help Check the Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) alongside traditional tools such as pressure gauges and timing lights.

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